The first company in the world to manufacture a full line of zero emission lithium ion iron phosphate battery powered vehicles, proudly made since 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the USA.


Designed with the most advanced energy management and electric propulsion systems, each XGEV vehicle has the power and ability of internal combustion engines, without the pollution, noise, heat or carbon footprint.

Low Cost of Ownership

With energy costs less than $0.01 per mile, XGEV vehicles cost a fraction of gas and diesel powered engines. Also with almost 80% fewer parts, XGEV vehicles require dramatically less servicing.

Environmentally Green

XGEV vehicles are zero emissions, the gold standard of environmentally green.  XGEV vehicles have other environmental benefits including: no heat signature, no odor and almost no noise.

Most Powerful Battery

XGEV vehicles have the latest lithium ion iron phosphate battery systems and a proprietary propulsion system which gives our vehicles the longest battery life, most power and longest range.