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Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles, is a Las Vegas based eco-vehicle company developing revolutionary, green electric powered vehicles. The Company’s products currently include 100% electric vehicles such as ATVs, UTVs and police mobility vehicles.  The Company caters to the police, military, security, consumer and commercial markets.

Designed with proprietary energy management systems and electric propulsion systems, each Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles has all the power and ability of gas powered engines, but without the particulate pollution or noise pollution and no carbon footprint.  With almost 90% less parts than an internal combustion engine, these vehicles require dramatically less servicing.  Additionally, with costs less than 1 cent per mile to run, the Xtreme Green vehicles use less energy than a gas powered engine.

At Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles, we believe that our products will become the new wave and standard in environmentally conscious police, commercial users and consumers.

The Company has developed three 100% electric vehicles for use: ATVs, UTVs, and three wheel security vehicles.  All of the vehicles have the latest technology and battery systems to ensure the longest battery life, power and range of any vehicles in their class.

With the broadest and most extensive line of 100% electric lithium ion battery vehicles, Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles has positioned itself as the go to company for anyone interested in joining the green revolution!

We are located at:

3010 E Alexander Rd
North Las Vegas, NV  89030